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Founded in 1945, OMECO is pioneer and leader in the manufacture and sales of plywood and veneer machinery with sales in Brazil and other 35 countries more, supplying single machines and complete lines.
It is located in Curitiba/Paraná at Industrial Area on a 40,000m2 ground with 14,000m2 factory and 1,200m2 administrative area.

The factory was specially designed for the construction of large-scale equipment of advanced technology, with 17m right foot and heavy overhead cranes. The design and engineering sector, with extensive experience, is able to develop solutions for the needs of the wooden sector.
Specializing more in hydraulic presses and veneer dryers, OMECO has created partnerships with renowned companies to complement its line, being able to provide turn-key projects.

OMECO also invests and provides services for the metallurgical industry and heavy machining área for such sectors as energy generation, mining and paper/cellulose, working in the manufacture of large-scale components or equipments with specialization in metal processing, welding, machining, assembly and finishing, having ISO 9000 Certificate in this segment.


1945 Oficina Mecanica Construtora was born on Ivaí street, today is – Getúlio Vargas street

1956 the first hot press

1960 move to the district of Portao on M street, today is – Eng Heitor Gomes street

1962 the first veneer dryer

1970 turnkey plywood and veneer factory exported to Sobolma, Bolivia

1971 the batten joiner

1972 acquisition of the new sheds

1980 high temperature sawn wood dryer

1985 the press dryer

1986 the 4 decks dryer

1989 the 31 plate press with automatic loader

1990 the thermal oil boiler

1995 the peeling machine with rotary guillotine

2000 the melamine press

2003 the dryer heated with thermal oil at 240°C at Latvias Finieris, Latvia

2003 the 6 decks dryer

2005 at the age of 60 inauguration of the new factory on Industrias street

2006 the automatic veneer sorter/stacker

2006 the 51 plate press at Sta Elena, Chile

2010 the longitudinal phenolic film press

2012 the transversal phenolic film press

2014 the hardboard line

2015 Omeco dryer proves to have superior efficiency then European dryers at Wotan, Czech Republic

2019 the new generation 4 decks dryer sold in Brazil

2021 Omeco dryer with stacker delivers exceptional production with 1.15 mm veneer thickness at Parfino, Russia