Founded in 1945, OMECO is a pioneer and leader in manufacturing and trading of plywood and veneer equipments, not only to t he Brazilian market but also worldwide. This is ‘WOODS’ segment.

OMECO is located in Curitiba, Paraná, with a new office area of 1,200 m² and factory facility of 14,000 m² specially designed for manufacturing of larger size equipments and high technological, with capacity for simultaneous manufacturing and development of new specific projects to Plywood Market.

In the latest years, OMECO has established a partnership with others companies recognized technology to enable complementing OMECO’s line with the best available in the world.

OMECO offers Machining Services too, this is a new ‘METALS’ segment, attending industries as wind power, mining, paper, pulp and automotive industries. Acting in manufacturing metal components for the parts and\or large equipment, specializing in metal work, welding, machining, assembly and finishing.

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